Do you repeatedly run into obstacles, do you suffer from worrying thoughts, insomnia or a burnout?
Or do you just want to feel better and experience less anger and anxiety?
Do you ever feel down, do you want to relax better and have a more positive self-image?

This is all covered in this exclusive and comprehensive cognitive mindfulness training.
We will also discuss the prevention of (recurring) burnouts and depression.

This mindfulness training focuses on changing cognitive patterns that hinder us in everyday life and are responsible for burnouts and depression.

How do I learn to recognize the patterns, how do I respond to them and what is the result.
When you get a clear picture of these 3 issues, you are able to change your patterns yourself so that you recognize a (new) burnout or (starting) depression.

Experience what it is like to be mindful and open.
To be able to accept things as they are, including yourself.

This extensive 8-week Cognitive Mindfulness Training is concluded with a certificate of participation.

The training is given on Wednesday evening from 19:30 to 22:00 (open from 19:15)

The costs for this live training € 350.00 including workbook and audio files.

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The training is given by Yvonne Riem
Mindfulbased Cognitive Therapist
Mindfulness coach & Trainer