Certified Advanced Hypnosis Practitioner

Imagine …

You did the Advanced Hypnosis Practitioner training and you have great tools to make a difference for others, isn’t that great? Then become a hypnotist / hypnotherapist!

The ultimate hypnotist and hypnotherapist training.

Our advanced training, licensed from thehypnoacademy.com – Martin Castor Peterson – is a hypnotist / hypnotherapist training, with a lot of scriptless, conversational, castorian and power hypnosis for client applications. Everything you need to get started – or deepen if you’ve already done some training.

This goes beyond any other standard hypnosis class. Modern hypnosis techniques that are taught in a particularly efficient way to put into practice immediately.

What can I do when I am certified?

There are many ways to learn hypnosis – and perhaps even more ways to work with hypnosis.

Since this is a basic training, it is important that you also get all the important basic knowledge about hypnosis during the training, as well as many practical exercises.

Hypnosis can be learned in a few days, but what takes time is creating trust, developing in-depth techniques, understanding psychology at work, learning to deal with clients, and dealing with all ethical considerations.

We are internationally certified to provide hypnosis training and are therefore one of the few training institutes to teach our students modern hypnotherapy. You might think that there are hardly any differences between the training programs offered. Yet we have a different way of working and we have the credentials to support that.

For us, there is a huge difference between the work of a hypnotist and the work of a hypnotherapist.

Hypnotists usually work with a one-way communication institution. They give their customers suggestions, read from a script and tell the customer what to do or what not to do. The problem is that the key to life changes isn’t in a script or how to tell the customer what to do or not to do. The key is hidden in the dialogue between you and your customer. The work of a hypnotherapist is a dialogue with a flow – a dialogue that is trance-inducing on multiple levels and creates immediate results, changes and insights.

The brain thrives on new (auxiliary) sources and new energy, so that the neurons can change for the better. Acquiring this new energy can only happen through personal experiences, repetition or words that mean something to the client. No script can contain that.

When you are certified by us, we guarantee that you can help 90 percent of your client requests for help, at all levels, through a dialogue and the techniques we teach you. That’s because you’ll learn some of the latest state-of-the-art techniques that are proven to work and proven to be permanent. So you can do powerful sessions even with the most difficult problems or clients.