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TCT practitioner

Trauma Collapse Therapist Practitioner (TCTp)

A ultimate tool for anxiety, trauma, PTSD and depression, things that most people in society deal with. These are issues that rarely get resolved quickly or easily.

With TCT, a variety of the most sophisticated hypnotherapy tools, advanced NLP & HNLP, brought together. With new and unique tools, that have been developed over the many years. With TCT, you can create life-changing events based on real hidden resources and resolve most of the issue – if not all of it – in just one session, creating positive changes that last.

It all happens without the classical methods of hypnosis and can even be performed open-eyed.

This method is rare and unique. And we will even give you the opportunity to become one well trained TCT practitioner, so that even more people can have benefit from this amazing tool.

Cognitive Mindfulness online

This mindfulness training focuses on changing cognitive patterns that hinder us in everyday life and are responsible for burnouts and depression.

How do I learn to recognize the patterns, how do I respond to them and what is the result.

When you get a clear picture of these 3 issues, you are able to change your patterns yourself so that you recognize a (new) burnout or (starting) depression.

Experience what it is like to be mindful and open.

To be able to accept things as they are, including yourself.

Soulkey Therapist

Advanced Past Life Regression - Advanced Past Life Regression (PLR)

Past life experiences can be both stunning and educational. As a soul, you are not affected by the physical problems associated with your energy, and therefore some people will heal physically from a past life experience.

You learn to loosen suffocating connections and to bring the knowledge, what you have learned, to current life.

Traveling between lives - Life Between Life (LBL)

SoulKey is a neutral view and will be able to offer everyone his or her truth in life. Our life-between-life technique gets you there faster, and with direct access to your (soul) counsel.